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Educational TV

PBS programing informs and inspires through artistic content, documentaries, and non-commercialized news programs. Each program provides citizens with multiple perspectives on world events and cultures.
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel is the second most widely distributed cable channel in the United States . The network features programs focusing primarily on prominent history, science and technology. Discovery Channel is known for airing documentaries specifically aimed at families an young audiences.
The History Channel airs a diverse array of scientific and historical programs including reality shows, documentaries, and historical fiction series.
The History Channel
BBC Kids
BBC kids is a 100% commercial free network providing education and entertainment for kids ages two to teens.
PBS Sprout is geared towards educating young preschool children. This 24 hour preschool channel is home to classic programs such as, Sesame Street as well as Barney and Friends.
PBS Kids Sprout
PBS Kids
PBS kids is a public broadcasting station directly tailored to children between the ages of two and six years of age. The network aims to facilitate critical thinking, build knowledge, encourage imagination and stimulate curiosity.
The USA Network is one of the worlds leading media organizations, providing entertainment, news and information to a global audience.
The USA Network
CNN is a world leader in news and information delivery. The station and website feature enriching multimedia technology including video streaming and searchable archive based on news features and background information.
A&E television network praises itself for obtaining the Emmy Award in Education Departments. This organization collaborates to reinvest in nation wide communities through education.
A&E Television Network
In the Mix is the Emmy award winning PBS documentary series for teens and by teens, bringing audiences information about teen interests and issues. Past videos can be found here.
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