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Jenny Choi

Jenny Choi is a Senior at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production. She is working in the Center for Information and Media Literacy and assistant producing ‘Media Inside Out.’ Jenny has also produced and worked on a number of films, including “Temple Smash” which is TUTV’s live student comedy variety show. Jenny has a passion for storytelling and analyzing how media affects society. She is a firm believer in inspiring audiences and making a change in society through film and media.

Outside of school, Jenny also has a strong passion for photography and often freelances her photo and video services. She can also be found on many film sets around Philadelphia, working as a production assistant, assistant director or set photographer. After she graduates in May 2018, she wants to pursue a career as a producer or production manager. She is currently working on several film projects, including a feature film documentary.

Her work can be found on her website