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CMC: Conference Review

(Danielle Vallely) The Children’s Media Conference held in Sheffield, UK was an incredible experience that re-examined the world of media for children. Nowadays, children are more equipped then ever with electronic devices. They utilize iPads and cellular phones as not

CMC: “Out of the Mouths of Babes”

(Danielle Vallely) The last day of the conference I attended a discussion in the cinema building that focused on the issue of media abuse. There are a variety of factors that come into play with regards to monitoring children throughout

CMC: Final session, Goodbye Sheffield!

(Aryann Cuda) Sadly, today was the final day of The Children’s Media Conference. However, before we packed our bags to head back to London, I was able to attend one last research session. In “Research 1, 2 & 3,” three

CMC: Last Day

(Elaica Zayas) Now that the conference has come to a complete end, I can truly say that I enjoyed this experience. For starters, I didn’t think I would enjoy the city of Sheffield, but it was so welcoming and fun.

CMC: “Inspire, educate, influence”

(Christine Muszynski) Hello All! I’m sad to say that today was the last day of The Children’s Media Conference 2014. One of the sessions I attended today was “Learning and Laughter” hosted by Jonathan Sanderson. The three different panelists all

CMC: Day 3: “Weird Science”

(Patrick Whelan) This morning I attended a session called “Weird Science” with speakers Jaqueline Harding and David Kleeman. I thought this session was pretty cool and interesting. The main focus was the studying of human reactions to different elements. It

CMC: Day 3 – “Weird Science”

(Elaica Zayas) Last day of the Children’s Media Conference! Sad to say that this conference in the lovely city of Sheffield has come to an end. There were a few sessions today beginning at 9:30. The session that was most

CMC: Pink and Blue & FOMO

Thursday afternoon, I chose to attend a Research Insights session at The Children’s Media Conference. The session was broken up into two separate presentations that discussed the topics of gender identification in the digital marketplace and the new phenomena of

CMC: Is children’s media coming together? or falling apart?

First session on the first full day of the Children’s Media Conference I attended a session titled “Coming together or falling apart?” The session included executives from several UK children’s media companies, including Nickelodeon UK, Nosy Crow, HIT Entertainment, and

CMC: Anyone Want Any “Chocolate-Covered Broccoli?”

This morning I was able to attend a session titled, “The Learning Landscape,” where two different panels of various media and educational professionals discussed what is happening in the world of education regarding digital adoption in lesson plans and the

CMC: Day 2 – Session on research

(Elaica Zayas) Today was the second day of the Children’s Media Conference. There was much less interaction with today’s sessions as opposed to yesterday’s workshop. Although I liked that the sessions were shorter, the workshops allowed for us to meet

CMC: Day 2, “Second Screens”

(Elaica Zayas) One day, two sessions! The second session today was not what I expected. The session was titled, “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV.” I initially thought it would be about creating content solely for smaller screens

CMC: “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV”

(By: Christine Muszynski) This Thursday afternoon, I was able to attend a second session called “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV”. The panelists discussed how to make the most of 2nd screens, and what kids actually think and

CMC session: Research on media for children

Today I attended a session with three different topics of “How Early Adopters Find and Share New Entertainment”, “The End of Live TV for Children?” and “Bad Games + Bad Children = Good Business?”. These were research based sessions which

CMC session: “Second Screen”

One session that I attended today was “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV”. This session was devoted to different uses of the second screen, how kids are using it today and what we could do with second screens

CMC: “Second Screening – Changing the Way We Watch TV”

(Danielle Vallely) The “Second Screening” session was held in the showroom cinema. This discussion board brought up new ideas that really opened doors for potential opportunities in the future for children’s media. The introduction to this segment showcased a video

CMC: Mini-Dragons: Kids as Commissioners

(By: Christine Muszynski) Hello again from The CMC! Today was yet another exciting day filled with many different sessions to attend. To start off the morning, my classmates and I attended a keynote presentation titled “Coming Together or Falling Apart?”

CMC session – “Mini-Dragons: Kids as Commissioners”

(Danielle Vallely) Today I attended a lecture  in the showroom cinema building. The discussion that took place included three creators giving a five minute pitch of a new media product they designed for children. The five minute pitch was given to

CMC workshop- Music and Song

This morning I attended the “Music and Song” workshop hosted by Ann Miller, Helen Stroud, and Steve Berman. In this workshop we were split into groups and then we circulated through the three hosts every 45 minutes. Ann had a

CMC Workshop – “Playful Learning”

(Danielle Vallely) This morning I attended the “Playful Learning” conference of the workshop held in Sheffield. This topic focused on educational games for children and the strategic outline to follow in order to create a truly popular app. There were four panelists

My First CMC Workshop: “Collaborating with Kids”

It has finally arrived! Today was the first day of The Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, London. This afternoon, I had the privilege to attend a workshop titled “Collaborating with Kids,” and I learned a great deal about the relationship