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Emily Bailin

Emily is currently a doctoral student at Teachers College at Columbia University studying in the Ed.D. program for Education and Communication. She holds a masters in Education, Culture & Society at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, which she received in 2010. Her research interests and professional experiences reside mainly in the field of media literacy education.
Emily is particularly interested in the impact that mass media and popular culture images and messages can have on girls (particularly during adolescent identity development), and how to subsequently empower girls to use their voices and create their own media texts to speak back to the socially constructed representations and expectations of “beauty,” “success,” “happiness,” etc. that they confront on a daily basis. Emily has also become increasingly interested in antiracist education, social identity work, and raising awareness and creating multiracial alliances in schools among students and teachers. She would ultimately love to work with educators on how to deliver more culturally relevant and socially just pedagogy by incorporating more popular culture texts and media artifacts into classroom activities and discussions as a way to foster greater criticality and more effective/productive ways of talking about issues of “race” and “diversity” among 21stcentury teachers and learners.
If you have any questions about or are interested in collaborating on any of this work, Emily would love to hear from you: