The CMIL is managed by a Director. A work study student provides part-time administrative assistance. Additional staff are typically brought on for specific projects.
Sherri Hope Culver
, Director and Associate Professor
Department of Media Studies and Production, Klein College

Sherri Culver

Sherri serves as Director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy (CMIL) at Temple University where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media Studies and Production in Klein College. The CMIL is recognized as a global chair of media and information literacy by the United Nations (UNESCO and the UNAOC) and is a member of the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL). Sherri’s teaching and consulting centers on the business of media, with a focus on children’s media. She has worked with Nickelodeon, Participant Media, YouTube Kids, Sesame Workshop, PBS, Sprout, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, among others. Sherri collaborates internationally with researchers, educators, media companies, schools and nonprofit organizations on projects connected to children & media. Prior to her academic position, Sherri served in several leadership positions in public media.

Sherri is author, co-author and editor of several books, articles and curricular materials, including serving as co-executive editor of the Yearbook on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue for several years. Sherri serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, and served as its president for three terms. She serves on the Advisory Council for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

Sherri writes regularly about issues facing children’s media and media literacy on her blog. and discusses the issues with guests on her television series, Media Inside Out. Sherri has given talks and presentations on five continents and over 13 countries. She has moderated panels at major universities and conferences, including the Children’s Global Media Summit, World Summit on Media for Children, UNESCO Media and Information Literacy conferences, International Media Literacy Research Symposium, National Association for Media Literacy Education and UK Children’s Media Conference. She has been interviewed by major news outlets, including Variety, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, Radio Times (NPR) and the Los Angeles Times.

Sherri holds a master’s degree in public culture from the University of Pennsylvania.  Her research explored the impact of children’s television on the social development of girls and their ability to form diverse friendships.

She resides in New Jersey, USA.

Emily Bailin

Emily is currently a doctoral student at Teachers College at Columbia University studying in the Ed.D. program for Education and Communication. She holds a masters in Education, Culture & Society at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, which she received in 2010. Her research interests and professional experiences reside mainly in the field of media literacy education.

Emily is particularly interested in the impact that mass media and popular culture images and messages can have on girls (particularly during adolescent identity development), and how to subsequently empower girls to use their voices and create their own media texts to speak back to the socially constructed representations and expectations of “beauty,” “success,” “happiness,” etc. that they confront on a daily basis. Emily has also become increasingly interested in antiracist education, social identity work, and raising awareness and creating multiracial alliances in schools among students and teachers. She would ultimately love to work with educators on how to deliver more culturally relevant and socially just pedagogy by incorporating more popular culture texts and media artifacts into classroom activities and discussions as a way to foster greater criticality and more effective/productive ways of talking about issues of “race” and “diversity” among 21stcentury teachers and learners.

If you have any questions about or are interested in collaborating on any of this work, Emily would love to hear from you:

Sojin An

Sojin An is a  Producer and Director of Dramas, Documentaries and educational programs at EBS (Korean Educational Broadcasting System). Sojin has been working in the Children’s Media Industry for 18 years and has made numerous shows for children. Sojin An was born in Seoul, Korea and is now a Fellowship Student at Temple University. Sojin An is nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Kids TV Movie/ Mini-series category. Sojin An was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Media and Information Literacy from January through December 2013 doing research on children’s media in the US.

CMIL Alumni

David Cooper Moore

David Cooper Moore currently leads a series university-school partnerships between Temple University and K-12 schools and programs in Philadelphia to bring media and information literacy enrichment program to students in in-school and after-school contexts. He has led and participated in in-school mentoring, teacher education, curriculum development and media and technology integration. Moore has also developed media literacy projects and productions with PBSTeachers, the Center for Social Media, Drug Free PA, and the Girl Scouts of America in topics including digital citizenship and civic responsibility,public health, and fair use in K-12 education. He currently media production and media and information literacy to a variety of age groups including K-12 and undergraduate students.

As a documentary filmmaker, David has created videos and curricula for the PBS Elections 2008 curriculum, Access, Analyze, Act: a Blueprint for 21st Century Civic Engagement, and the Center for Social Media’s Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education. Moore received his M.F.A. from Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program and has worked on productions in a variety of professional and artistic venues, including Florentine Films’ Ken Burns miniseries The War (2006) and numerous industrial and educational videos for local and national institutions. Moore also blogs on education, media and technology issues at

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller is a Senior at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production with a minor in Environmental Studies. She is working in the Center for Information and Media Literacy and assistant producing ‘Media Inside Out’. Andrea also assistant produces ‘Temple Update,’ which is TUTV’s live news broadcast. Andrea is on the Media Business track and has a passion for critically analyzing media’s affect on society, especially concerning how the environment is framed in media. Outside of school, Andrea works at Temple Chipotle, rolling burritos, and writing poetry. After she graduates in May 2017, she wants to pursue producing television and writing both for television and for her creative writing.

Hugh Kesson

Hugh Kesson is currently coordinating work between CMIL and the New Media and TechnologyCharter School in northeast Philadelphia. Hugh has been a high school teacher, college professor, media educator and documentary film maker. He has worked in the US, UK andAustralia, and has managed to add to his collection of higher education qualifications on all three continents. His work and research is broadly concerned with issues of equality in media and education, and is specifically focused on the development of digital literacies.

Former Visiting Fellows:

Tomas Duran – visiting fellow, Autonomous University Barcelona (2015)
Soijin An – visiting fellow, Korean Broadcasting Service (2013)


Abigail Turrisi (work study, Fall 2018)

Andrea Miller (work study, Spring 2017)

Joselyn Castro (work study, Spring 2016)

Cara Glatfelter (work study, Fall 2015 – 2016)

Cari Dienstman (work study, Spring 2015)

Melissa Lam Ly (work study, Fall 2014)

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