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This coming week, Sherri Hope Culver will be presenting at the Media Literacy 360° Forum and Fair. This event brings journalists, educators, and other professionals to Bratislava, Slovakia to discuss how the digital environment can improve information literacy regionally and globally, with the increasing importance of data and news literacy. Sherri will present on the topic “The path to media literacy begins with kids” and conduct a workshop with Nikos Panogiotou (Aristotle University) titled, “Active citizens against disinformation: applying media literacy”. The Media Literacy 360° Forum and Fair will take place on December 11-12, 2018. For the event livestream, see here!

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On Monday, October 1st, Sherri Hope Culver, CMIL Director, presented to 28 participants in the Foreign Press Center’s International Reporting Tour on Media Literacy and Combatting Disinformation. Tour participants included reporters from across the globe including Peru, Nepal, Latvia, Brazil, and Canada. Culver covered a variety of topics in her presentation including media literacy initiatives and organizations related to the subject, though journalists were most interested in fake news and the influence the current White House administration has had on news literacy.

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Sherri Hope Culver, CMIL Director, presented on the topic of “The identity of teenagers in social networks” at the first ever Media Literacy Forum of the Mexico IFT  (Institute of Federal Communications), an autonomous regulatory authority for telecommunications and broadcasting. The Institute (equivalent to the US FCC) is new in the country, since 2013, however it has developed a powerful and innovative agenda, including media literacy.

The forum focuses on parents, educators, and youth, and hopes to provide information about media literacy tools that will help these groups create media content that allows audiences to become more participative. One of the main objectives of the forum is to review the current status and expectations related to Media Literacy within Mexico while learning more about international practices related to the topic.

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The annual Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week was celebrated this year from October 24-31 under the theme “Media and Information Literate Cities: Voices, Powers and Change Makers”.

UNESCO, UNAOC, the Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) University Network, and the UNESCO-initiated Global Alliance for Partnership on MIL (GAPMIL), in partnership with local hosts Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) and University of Latvia (Latvia) organized the feature conference, the Eighth MILID Conference, which was held on October 24-25 2018 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The connected Youth Agenda Forum took place in Latvia on October 26. 

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Students and early career professionals spent a wonderful spring evening at Temple University’s Annenberg Hall for the Children’s Media Career Symposium Thursday, April 12, 2018.

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Join us in Greece in Summer 2019 for the International Media Summer Academy!

Today, accurate information is an increasingly critical resource for our understanding of the world.
Building on the success of the 2018 Summer School, we are looking forward to welcoming another
group of participants from all over the world to Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy in July of 2019.

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The CMIL is pleased to announce the release of a new publication, “Survey on Media and Information Literacy with Youth Perspectives” co-authored by CMIL Director, Sherri Hope Culver and Alton Grizzle, Program Specialist for Media and Information Literacy, UNESCO. This publication is part of the UNESCO book series on Internet freedom. ( )
In a world in which communication is increasingly global and online, the ability for a person to choose what information he or she wants to share, and what information he or she chooses to keep unknown to others, is growing in difficulty. But, restraining information from all the ways in which it may be shared or known, is, if not impossible, certainly daunting. Privacy concerns all peoples of all ages. MIL is for all. Privacy decisions can affect a person’s access to education, financial opportunities, willingness to speak freely and openly, and their safety. Advancements in media and technology thereby necessitate an ongoing reassessment of what it means to be media and information literate as a defense of private information, or to be private.
This report combines research findings from two related research studies carried out for UNESCO. The first is research into youth perspectives on privacy through a survey designed as part of a larger study on citizens’ response to MIL competencies, which started in 2015. From 100 countries, 2,300 young people aged 14-25 were engaged in a wider exercise of training and research. Of these, 1,735 completed the questionnaire, including the section on privacy. The second is a survey on privacy in MIL programmes globally conducted through the UNESCO-UNAOC UNITWIN Cooperation Programme on MIL and Intercultural Dialogue (MLID University Network). This involved 231 respondents involved in teaching privacy in connection with MIL. They are from various education environments, including: high school (14%); middle school (10%); primary/ elementary school (20%); university or college level (24%); educators, out-of-school or afterschool programmes (9%); civil society, including NGOs and non-profits (17%); and alternate environments, such as middle and high school combined (6%).
Understanding privacy is an increasingly important component of being media and information literate. This publication explores how that reality might affect educators and organizations that have focused programmes, research and events on media and information literacy., A shift in one’s understanding of privacy may require a shift not just in thinking, but in actions as well.
To read the book, you can download it for free here – ( )

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 The CMIL is excited to be working with Paley Library at Temple University on the acquisition and digitization of the Elizabeth Thoman Media Literacy Archives. Thoman was the founder of the Center for Media Literacy. The archives include years worth of documentation on the Center for Media Literacy and Thoman’s other writings. In the future, the university will house the archives of the National Association for Media Literacy Education and other media literacy organizations.

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