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Experience the Children’s Media Industry in Los Angeles This Summer

Join professor Sherri Hope Culver in Los Angeles for a 2-week course (3 credits) titled, “The Children’s Media Industry: Trends and Opportunities“. General information: Application portal: Application Deadline:  February 15th, 2022 Enrollment Deadline: March 10th, 2022 Anticipated Program Dates: May 8 –

Global Media and Information Week

Media Literacy is a pivotal issue that addresses important questions in this highly digitalized field of communication. It provides the basis for understanding critical thought of media, enhancing the access to information and ensuring an intercultural framework that shares a

International Research Initiative for Media Literacy Education

NAMLE has started an international research initiative to assess to assess the current state of media literacy education. The increased changes in technology, industries and communication has caused media literacy to become a necessary skill for today’s society. The project,

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Children and Screens Webinar on The Influencer Impact

Webinar Details Celebrity is hardly a new phenomenon; however, thanks to the digital age, it’s never been easier to become the next big thing. Young people in 2021 consume media in a rapidly-changing landscape, and experience a personalized digital experience

The Role of Play in “Building” Media Literacy

The Role of Play in “Building” Media Literacy was a webinar held on Tuesday, October 26th where Jorge Aguirre (Head Writer of Alma’s Way), Michelle Cuila Lipkin (executive director for the National Assossciation for Media Literacy Education) and Sarah Jacobstein (Sr. Manager,

Celebrate Global Media and Information Literacy Week!

Global Media and Information Literacy Week will take place from October 25-31, 2021. Join the CMIL as we celebrate the importance of Media and Information Literacy for All. Sherri will be moderating several webinars throughout the week. Details below. For more

International Expert Conference in Media and Information Literacy

  The International Expert Conference in Media and Information Literacy took place on November 29-30, 2021.   The conference invited Media and Information Literacy experts and academics with varying experiences and backgrounds to share their best practices on Media and Information Literacy. They

Online International Children’s Film Festival TAKORAMA

As a member of the UNESCO MIL Alliance, the CMIL is proud to serve as the US partner for the Online International Children’s Film Festival TAKORAMA.   The objective of the festival is to offer children original short films on the

Missed the Symposium? Watch It Here!

Did you miss the Children’s Media Career Symposium? Learn more about our amazing panelists and Guest Speakers below. Watch a recording of the event here! (This video includes the first hour of the event with the keynote speakers address and the

Digital Playgrounds Webinar

On Monday April 19th Sherri Hope Culver participated in the Digital Playgrounds – Young Gamers and Critical Thinking Webinar. Watch the webinar here! Webinar Description: When adults look at teenagers playing video games, they often see a pleasant (but also

Children’s Media Career Symposium 2021

Join the Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University for the third Children’s Media Career Symposium. The event will be held on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm over zoom. The event is geared

Event: Creating AR & VR for Kids

  Please join the CMIL and the Children’s Media Association for a special event celebrating Global Media & Information Literacy Week. We will be holding an online discussion on, “Future Proofing: How to responsibly create AI, AR and VR content for

CMIL’s, Sherri Hope Culver on TUTV Show

Temple People is a show that highlights the diverse and talented people of Temple University. This past week’s episode highlight’s the director of CMIL, Sherri Hope Culver. The episode aired on TUTV on October 13th, 2020 at 11:30am EDT and

“Trust Me” Media Literacy Documentary Release

A feature-length documentary exploring human nature, information technology, misinformation, disinformation, and the importance of media & information literacy (MIL) for individuals and society. Coming Soon, 2020. The documentary will feature an array of media professionals including Steven Pinker – behavioral

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Culver joins Philadelphia Inquirer’s Anti-Racism Initiative

Sherri Hope Culver, CMIL Director, is part of Philadelphia Inquirer’s Anti-Racism Initiative entitled, “Inquirer For All.”. She is one of a quintet of Temple professors working to facilitate a process within the institution focusing on its Coverage, Editorial Voice, Newsroom Culture, and,

Representation in Children’s Media

  Click Here to watch the webinar! Children’s views on race, ethnicity and identity are shaped by what they see in media, including television, movies, and social media. Social media influencers are seen as role models by children as young

The Influence of Streaming Services Webinar

On September 16th, Sherri Culver, of the Center for Media and Information Literacy moderated a webinar on the Influence of Global Streaming Click here to watch the webinar! The webinar was described as such: Major streaming services such as Netflix