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Sherri’s blog updates

Sherri’s blog explores topical issues relating to children’s media and media literacy. The blog is available at Topics have included: -media as mirror: representations of difference -media coverage of the US presidential campaign -explicit lyrics in popular music -apps

Thoughts on the HBO / Sesame Street deal

Maybe it’s my history working with public television or my strong feeling that all kids need access to quality educational media content, but the article “There Goes the Neighborhood: The Story Behind the New Sesame Street and its Journey to

Thoughts on the News Literacy Summit

I am writing this just a few hours after the conclusion of the News Literacy Summit held this past Sunday and Monday in Chicago. I am grateful to the McCormick Foundation for bringing together an impressive group of people passionate

The Nerve Centre in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

There’s an energy that comes from a place filled with media and the arts and young people that I never tire of.  The Nerve Centre is one of the official “creative learning centers” supported by Northern Ireland Screen. After meeting

Northern Ireland Screen

I had the pleasure of visiting Belfast this past week and met with Bernard McCloskey, Head of Education for Northern Ireland Screen. (Thank you Martina Chapman!) Bernard shared a bit about the work being done in NI to help teachers

BBC Visit

(Christine Muszynski) Hello All- This sadly will be my last blog post to share with you from London. As you know, over the past few weeks my classmates and I have had the chance to visit different professionals in the

A Look at the BBC and CBBC Designs

(Danielle Vallely) This past Monday I had the opportunity to visit the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and talk with Kevin Blacoe, the senior adviser for BBC learning. The atmosphere at BBC is incredibly lively and the employers really take the

BBC vs PBS: Who works better?

(Patrick Whalen) On Monday we took a trip to the BBC and had a meeting with Kevin Blacoe who is the senior adviser at BBC for policy, public affairs and communications. During our meeting with Kevin he talked about his

Collingwood & Co.: Knowledge and passion collide

(Elaica K. Zayas) This week our class has met with two children’s media professionals who founded their own companies, Gary Pope with Kids Industries and Tony Collingwood with Collingwood & Co. Both told us their background and how they got started as

Collingwood & Co: A successful media company

(Patrick Whalen) Today I attended a meeting with Tony Collingwood at Collingwood & Co studios. This meeting was very interesting and entertaining! Tony showed us the different aspects of what his company does and how they function. He first talked

Collingwood & Co: Inspirational Teamwork

  (Aryann Cuda) Over the course of this past week, Professor Culver arranged for the class and I to attend two separate meetings with children’s media professionals to discuss our experience at The Children’s Media Conference and also about each

The imagination of Collingwood and Co.

(Danielle Vallely) Today I had the opportunity to visit Collingwood and Co. and engage in conversation with Tony Collingwood, the creator, writer and director for the company. Each member of the company provides an incredibly valuable tool in order for

CMC: Child @ Heart

(Sherri Hope Culver)  The best conferences always leave one exhausted!; filled to the brim with new ideas, new contacts, new perspectives. And yes, that’s exactly how I feel after having attended my first Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, England for

CMC: “So…What Was It Like?”

(Aryann Cuda) As I look back on my experience at The Children’s Media Conference I realize that I was very fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring and passionate media professionals for even such a short amount of time. I

CMC: Final Thoughts

(Christine Muszynski) Attending The Children’s Media Conference this past week in Sheffield, England was truly a great experience. The CMC is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids on all

CMC: Full Conference Summary

(Patrick Whalen) Attending The Children’s Media Conference was a very fulfilling experience. I really learned a lot from attending the workshop and various different sessions and speeches. They all helped to also give me a new insight into children’s media