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David Cooper Moore

David Cooper Moore currently leads a series university-school partnerships between Temple University and K-12 schools and programs in Philadelphia to bring media and information literacy enrichment program to students in in-school and after-school contexts. He has led and participated in in-school mentoring, teacher education, curriculum development and media and technology integration. Moore has also developed media literacy projects and productions with PBSTeachers, the Center for Social Media, Drug Free PA, and the Girl Scouts of America in topics including digital citizenship and civic responsibility,public health, and fair use in K-12 education. He currently media production and media and information literacy to a variety of age groups including K-12 and undergraduate students.

As a documentary filmmaker, David has created videos and curricula for the PBS Elections 2008 curriculum, Access, Analyze, Act: a Blueprint for 21st Century Civic Engagement, and the Center for Social Media’s Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education. Moore received his M.F.A. from Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program and has worked on productions in a variety of professional and artistic venues, including Florentine Films’ Ken Burns miniseries The War (2006) and numerous industrial and educational videos for local and national institutions. Moore also blogs on education, media and technology issues at