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Media Rise Festival

September 29th the 2013

On Sunday, September 29th the 2013 Media Rise Festival was hosted in Washington, DC. The Youth Media Rise portion of this weeklong event included workshops geared for kids ages 13-18. Some workshops involved topics of digital storytelling, social media, theater and creative movement .  This festival hosted a series of events dedicated to celebrating the art of media and its impact on society.



February 3rd-9th is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Media Smarts, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to bringing digital and media literacy to all ages, has created a site to help bring awareness to media imagery that can facilitate self-esteem and body image issues. They have chosen to give the reader a bevy of options to choose from on the website and target specific features that aid in steering children and teens into eating disorders. Media Smarts has broken up their information into categories. They have everything from body image for girls and boys to self-esteem issues coming from video games and toys. To read more about the problems that media play on body image issues, visit their site here.


Calling all School Library Educators and School Library Professionals

Invitation to Join the Conversation:  CiSSL’s 3rd International Research Symposium, April 26-27th, 2013.

An Invitation from Dr Ross Todd (Director of CiSSL) and Dr Carol Gordon (Co-Director of CiSSL), Rutgers, The State University of NJ.

We cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd International Research Symposium by the Center for International Scholarship In School Libraries (CISSL), to take place at the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ, on Friday 26thand Saturday 27th April, 2013.

This Research Symposium, titled Digital Youth, Inquiry, and the Future School Library  … Research to Practice  is going to be an exciting event!!   It marks the 10th year of CiSSL, founded in April 2003 by Professor Carol Kuhlthau, distinguished scholar and school library educator.  Professor Kuhlthau’s groundbreaking research focusing on the Information Search Process began in 1983 and spans 30 years. It has been pivotal research in information science, librarianship, and integral to shaping the collaborative instructional role of school librarians around the world, and the development of information literacy.

CiSSL’s 3rd International Research Symposium will celebrate this important research agenda, and its implementation through Guided Inquiry.  We hope that you will join us and share in this significant milestone occasion:  a celebration, dialog and brainstorming around inquiry, digital youth and the future school library.  Your voice is important.

At the heart of CiSSL’s research agenda and the symposium is the question:  Are our schools prepared to deliver a 21st century education for digital youth? Our ongoing research has sought to examine how young people engage with the information landscapes of schools and the digital world, and how their learning can be nurtured through inquiry-centered pedagogy through the school library, and how this can be documented and disseminated.

International developments focusing on inquiry, creative technologies for learning (such as gaming and digital devices), literacy in digital environments, and national standards will frame the Symposium’s program and provide a research-based platform for discussion, brainstorming and charting guidelines for developing cutting-edge inquiry-centered school libraries as key learning and pedagogical centers in schools.

The International Research Symposium will feature the work of CiSSL researchers, and will bring together an international team of scholars and practitioners who are continuing to develop and extend this work.  It will also present the work of teams of international practitioners who have been implementing Guided Inquiry in their schools for several years.  They will share their experiences, and engage you in the extensive evidence they have collected in relation to process and learning impacts.  This is the first international research and evidence-based practice agenda that addresses Guided Inquiry.

We want to see you there!!

For more information about the symposium, program and registration please go to: