KCAPA partnership program enters its second year

Nov 6, 2012

A KCAPA student researches social networking statistics for a documentary project

This past week new CMIL members Julie Zegler and Shilpa Soundararajan, undergraduates in Temple’s School of Media and Communication, began their work facilitating an exciting project at the Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School. This is the second year that CMIL has partnered with KCAPA and media arts teacher Derrick Savage in our high school/college bridge program, supported by the Philadelphia Education Fund.

Mr. Savage’s students are embarking on an ambitious project this year — KCAPA seniors will create three short documentaries about important social issues, including gender stereotyping, benefits for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the effects of social media on teens.

Ms. Zegler and Ms. Soundararajan, both new to KCAPA, have already started brainstorming exciting lessons and activities alongside Mr. Savage for the coming year of in-school mentorship and collaboration. Students will analyze documentary work and research, create, and distribute their own documentaries. We can’t wait to update you with our progress!