CMC: “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV”

Jul 4, 2014

(By: Christine Muszynski)

This Thursday afternoon, I was able to attend a second session called “Second Screen: Changing the way we watch TV”. The panelists discussed how to make the most of 2nd screens, and what kids actually think and do while engaging with screens on multiple platforms at the same time.

What is the second screen you may ask? The big screen, or “host”, could be thought of like the main Television set in the room. The smaller screens, such as an iPhone or tablet, are considered to be “where the party is at!” With this being said, children viewers have their attentions split over all of these media platforms.

The first to present was Emma Worrollo, Managing Director for The Pineapple Lounge. She presented a short clip of an experiment the company conducted on 2nd screening engagements. This video showed what it was like for children to consume multiple media outlets at the same time. The 11 year old girl featured in this experiment wore a camera which allowed the viewers to see what she saw during that time.  The content she was simultaneously consuming consisted of a TV show on Netflix and apps such as Minecraft and Skype on the iPad.

In addition to Emma, this session featured other industry professionals who engage in this area across the spectrum. These professionals included Simon Cobb, Marc Goodchild, and Andrea Nagel. Their professions ranged from broadcasters and app developer to social media network providers.

Once again, I found myself feeling inspired after hearing different panelist and meeting different people in this vast and growing industry. At the end of the session I had the opportunity to speak with an employee from The Pineapple Lounge. I look forward to finding out more about their company and their mission.

To end this eventful day, my classmates, professor, and I all met back up to attend tonight’s keynote speaker Malorie Blackman. I’m excited to see what’s in-store for tomorrow’s events!