Collingwood & Co: A successful media company

Jul 10, 2014

(Patrick Whalen) Today I attended a meeting with Tony Collingwood at Collingwood & Co studios. This meeting was very interesting and entertaining! Tony showed us the different aspects of what his company does and how they function. He first talked about different projects they have done and how they have come to create some very successful children’s shows. Then we got to tour the studio and see how every different part functioned separately then came together to create a finished product. I saw how much time and effort really goes into animation since I did not have much previous knowledge. There are a few elements of Collingwood & Co which I believe make them a successful media company:
Knowledge. Tony really seems to know a lot not only about children’s media but also about the vast differences between age groups and what each one wants in a TV show. He also seems to be very passionate about children’s media which is key. Today he told us about how different just kids one year apart could want totally different things. This is a factor of the success of the company because if a network wants it changed to tailor more to a different age group then he can quickly edit and fix it which is a very important skill.
Collaboration. While taking a tour of the building I got to see multiple different employees working and experience what each one does. They all seem to collaborate very well together and get along which is necessary for success. Everyone stays in constant contact and gives each other a lot of feedback in order for them to get the best possible finished product.
Organization. Collingwood & Co all seem to have their work very organized. Since animation is such a long process that includes a ton of work in many different areas it is very important to keep everything organized. Jude seemed to be a major player in the role of organization with all her highlighting and schedules. She makes sure everything is on time and that everyone is staying on track. When there is that much work going around from person to person and constantly being edited than organization is a key part of a successful media company.
Singapore. Once they are all finished with what they want, Collingwood & Co then send it to Singapore to have it rendered and all the finishing products put on to fully complete the animation. This is important to the success of the company because it helps give a polished finished product, saves money, and keeps the business smaller so that they don’t have to be cluttered and cramped in one building with a ton of different employees.
I learned a lot from today and found the trip to Collingwood & Co to be a very valuable experience. I will definitely apply what I learned today to everything I do in the future!