A Look at the BBC and CBBC Designs

Jul 15, 2014

(Danielle Vallely) This past Monday I had the opportunity to visit the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and talk with Kevin Blacoe, the senior adviser for BBC learning. The atmosphere at BBC is incredibly lively and the employers really take the time to connect with their audience members. Kevin explained that the BBC is constantly looking for new ideas to introduce to their followers. Staying ahead of the game when it comes to technological advances is a prominent reason why this company is so successful.

Kevin’s main job at the BBC is to provide educational value to shows. It is a challenging position because it is not always easy to keep a showing entertaining when adding a clear educational aspect to it. Another challenge Kevin faces is that shows are no longer created for one particular area. Nowadays, shows are designed globally and often span across a variety of media forms (transmedia). I really appreciated how Kevin was so honest and opening when discussing the challenges that occur within his profession. There is a rigorous process that each show has to go through; and more often than not entertainment is the main drive to keeping a show alive.

The Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation (CBBC) is filled with educational shows for kids. This channel is widely popular and provides an interactive website for kids as well. Kevin made an interesting point when discussing the CBBC; he explained that it is important to start teaching kids about the computing and coding within digital creativity. Kids are so knowledgeable about the ways in which to navigate through the media world. So, now it is time to enable kids and overall educate them on how to make the computer work for them. Instead of simply utilizing the tools provided within the Internet or iPad applications, it is time to allow the kids to let their imagination unfold.

My experience at BBC allowed me to realize the many different media outlets that are provided within one particular corporation. The BBC offers radio (including radio dramas), a kid’s network, news, talk shows and more. The BBC employers are great with connecting to their audience and listening to the needs of their community. It truly is a corporation that puts the needs of their people as a top priority. This corporation strives to consistently keep up with the newest technologies and educational values within the media that will best fit the needs of their audience.