Northern Ireland Screen

Jul 27, 2014

I had the pleasure of visiting Belfast this past week and met with Bernard McCloskey, Head of Education for Northern Ireland Screen. (Thank you Martina Chapman!) Bernard shared a bit about the work being done in NI to help teachers integrate media into their classrooms. NI Screen supports three “creative learning centers” in NI (more on that in my next post) and has kicked off a project titled “Future Classrooms“. Download the “Introducing Mobile Technology” report for a thoughtful review and step-by-step guide for using mobile technology to truly impact learning and student engagement. The work that’s being done to improve media literacy education in this relatively small country is impressive. There appears to be strong collaboration among different groups in developing projects and “best practices” and this effectively creates strong buy-in as the ideas and initiatives develop. Inspiring! I’m looking forward to having the CMIL collaborate with them on a project or try their materials with some Philly teachers. Check it out. p.s. Note to Game of Thrones fans. Visit Belfast and NI for tours and sites from the series. Much of the series is shot there. screen_shot_2013-03-19_at_16.50.32__large