Episode 5: Marketing Toys to Kids

Nov 10, 2014


On this episode of Media Inside Out, we’ll look back at the season and explore the business of marketing toys to kids. What are the trends? The trickery? The newest, coolest and fastest ways advertisers get kids to pay attention to their toys…and ask for them by name! Today, kids are just as likely to see a thirty-second commercial on TV as see a commercial fully-integrated into their favorite scene in a movie– and you can’t fast forward through that. What impact does this have on kids understanding of playtime and the accumulation of “stuff”? Should we be protecting kids from these misleading tactics? Can we?  We’ll talk about all of it on this episode of Media Inside Out.


Kathy Hirsh-Pasek who is an author of 11 books and a Professor of Psychology at Temple.


On Skype, Ian Zimmerman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Missouri.


Kevin Chevalier, an advertising student