Culver presents at Teaching with Technology Symposium

Mar 18, 2015

Technology Symposium

For her second year in a row Sherri Hope Culver will be speaking at Temple University’s Teaching with Technology Symposium at the Howard Gittis Student Center on March 20, 2015.

The Symposium is targeted to faculty, instructional technologists, and other staff at Temple University who use and/or support the use of technology in teaching and learning.


15 Apps in 30 Minutes – Version 2.0!

Session Topic: Engaging Students with Technology
Session Location & Time: Room 217C, 2:00 – 2:30 pm
PFD:15 Apps in 30 MinutesHandout

Presenter: Sherri Hope Culver, Associate Professor

This popular session is a high energy and interactive presentation introducing a wide range of apps and online activities perfect for the classroom. All new apps! The session will provide an overview of each app or online activity, show the basics of how to use it, and suggest ways to integrate it into numerous classroom activities and subject areas. The goal of the session is one of breadth– not depth. This presentation will send attendees away with a list of at least 15 apps and online activities they can use immediately since they will see them in action.