Episode 16: Use of Digital Content in Classrooms

Sep 21, 2015



Trends in media aren’t just happening in our living rooms and on our mobile devices, they’re happening in classrooms too. Across the country, educators are responding to the pervasive nature of media in their student’s lives, by incorporating more media in their classrooms. From engaging in-class activities to creative homework assignments, media is integrated, added, considered, and often unavoidable. Is this good for students? Good for their learning? Or it distracting from the focused core learning necessary to move students from grade to grade, or year to year?  Is media use in classrooms really a NEW trend?


Stephanie Laggini Fiore

Teaching & Learning Center, Temple University




Laurence Cocco

Director Educational Technology, State of NJ




Alicia Cunningham-Bryant

Associate Director Special Programs, College of Liberal Arts, Temple University