Episode 18: PhillyCam

Dec 9, 2015


In our lives we connect with lots of “publics”– public parks, public schools, public libraries, and something called Public Access. Public Access is basically community cable television. It started decades ago when cable first got its start. At that time, in exchange for cable companies having the privilege of offering a town cable, the town asked the cable company to provide a few channels for the community, so local folks could share local information. Those community cable channels are known by the acronym PEG channels. P for public. E for educational. And G for government. Of course, today we can record our own content on our smartphones and upload it to our own website or YouTube. But even with that ability, public access channels still serve a community building function.  On this episode, get to know Philadelphia’s Public Access channel known as PhillyCam.


Gretjen Clausing
Executive Director, PhillyCam


Mike Dennis

Reel Black TV



Ali Hackett
Salt…Pepper & Memories

Airing on TUTV December 16th at 12:30 pm and 8:30 pm, and December 17th at 4:30 am.