European Media & Information Literacy Forum

Jun 27, 2016

The European Media & Information Literacy Forum was held in Riga, Latvia, June 27-29, 2016. Sherri Hope Culver was invited to speak on a panel titled, “MIL: A Privacy Shield” where she shared preliminary details from a research study conducted with UNESCO on the ways in which privacy is being treated in MIL curricula, educators approach to the topic, and training approaches globally.

Materials from speakers presentations are available HERE.

Peace building, human solidarity and war are all linked to the quality of the information environment (citizens, media, Internet, social media, libraries, citizens etc.) and the values it transmits. The new wave of extremism and gruesome terrorists’ attacks which persists in many regions of the world and more recently in Europe, and the unprecedented migration to Europe, underline the importance of media and information literacy competencies for the information environment. Media and information literacy empowers citizens with knowledge, skills and attitude to critically access information and media, to critically analyze information and media content, and to engage with media and other information providers for social, civic and creative purposes.

The Forum is one of the key regional meetings leading to the GAPMIL Global MIL Week and the Sixth Media and Information Literacy & Intercultural Dialogue Conference November 3-5, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil. The Forum follows the First European Media and Information Literacy Forum (EU-MILINFO)  held in 2014.