Culver presents at International Children’s Media Conference in Istanbul

Nov 7, 2017

The 6th Annual International Children’s Media Conference (Istanbul) held November 1-2, 2017  is Turkey’s one and only conference focusing on children’s media.

Professor and CMIL Director Sherri Hope Culver was an invited speaker at the conference. Her presentation was titled, “Media As Mirror: The Power of Representation in Children’s Media”.

The conference is sponsored by the TRT network, the public broadcaster of Turkey. The conference aims to enhance children’s media. This year’s theme was “Representation, Integration and Diversity in Children’s Media: Challenges and Opportunities”. All aspects of how children perceive media, violence in children’s content and the future of children’s media was discussed by the speakers having expertise in their fields. Experts from all around the world attended the conference. Children’s media professionals including children’s media organizations, publishing associations, universities and NGOs shared their experiences and their projects.

The conference included topics such as:

• Cultural Diversity in Children’s Television

• Representation of Children in Media

• Integration, Edutainment and Accessibility Issues for Disabled in Children’s Media

• Ethnic Representation in Media

• TV for Immigrant and Refugee Children

Professor Sherri Hope Culver, presenting her session “Media as Mirror: The Power of Representation in Children’s Media” Culver posing in front of a panel with the characters from TRT’s public media children shows