2018 Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week

Sep 24, 2018

The annual Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week was celebrated this year from October 24-31 under the theme “Media and Information Literate Cities: Voices, Powers and Change Makers”.

UNESCO, UNAOC, the Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) University Network, and the UNESCO-initiated Global Alliance for Partnership on MIL (GAPMIL), in partnership with local hosts Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) and University of Latvia (Latvia) organized the feature conference, the Eighth MILID Conference, which was held on October 24-25 2018 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The connected Youth Agenda Forum took place in Latvia on October 26. 

The annual Global MIL Week activities and the feature conference are important opportunities for stakeholders globally to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards the process of “MIL for all”. Global MIL Week also enables connections and sharing of creative projects, the latest research, new ideas, and information across countries and stakeholders involved in MIL, and in print, screen-based and digital media.

Sherri Hope Culver presented on “8 Steps to transforming your city into an MIL city” at the feature conference.

Use the #globalMILweek on social media to reflect on what people were talking about related to the Global Media and Information Literacy Week or visit https://en.unesco.org/globalmilweek2018 for more information.