Episode 37: Media & Early Childhood and Multilingual Education

Sep 24, 2018

All the research points to the fact that a child’s greatest opportunity for educational success through college happens when he or she participates in a quality preschool program. And yet, in the United States less than half of all children enter first grade having a year or more of preschool. In France, that percentage is 100. Italy 94%. Korea 91%. Even in states that offer free preschool, support varies tremendously. Washington DC spends over $15,000 per child, while Mississippi spends less than $2,000 per child. As our preschool and child-age populations grow in their need for bi-lingual or multi-lingual materials, media can—and does—play an increasingly important role.

On this episode of Media Inside Out, we explore how children are being served by educational media content and the needs of bi-lingual preschool children with host/producer Sherri Hope Culver and guest, Ed Greene of the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN).

Ed Greene | Vice President of Children, Youth, and Media Literacy Initiatives, HITN

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