Episode 43: Religion in Media

Oct 2, 2019

Religion and media often intersect and collide, and often in messy ways. Religion might be the focus of a documentary, the theme of a sitcom episode, the butt of a late-night joke, the topic of a viral social media meme, or the subject of extended coverage in a breaking news story. Religion might be the thread some use to keep peace elusive, or the olive branch used to bring peace closer. Is religion in media building empathy, or racism? With so many divides across the world, often with religious themes, can authentic representations of religion in media help us overcome cultural differences, or just keep us rooted in our own world view?  In this episode of Media Inside Out we explore the delicate nuances of religion in media.

Our panelists are:

Dr. Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez: Dr. Alvarez is a professor of religion at Temple University.


Suhag Shukla, Esq. Ms. Shukla is the Executive Director of the Hindu American Foundation. Click the link below to learn more about Ms. Shulka and her work:


Contact Ms. Shulka:



Dr. Quaiser Abdullah: Dr. Abdullah is the Assistant Professor of Communication & Social Influence at Temple University’s Klein College.