Episode 45: The Growth of Podcasting

Nov 11, 2019


Did you grow up with radio? Sherri did. Along with great memories of listening to her favorite stations and imagining what the DJ’s looked like, Sherri has memories of frustrating afternoons spent hovering over a radio with her tape recorder, just waiting and hoping she’d hear a song or comedy bit she loved and could record so she could listen to it over and over again (without having to buy the album). Cut to 2019 and imagine listening to those radio shows whenever you want, wherever you want, and you have the current podcast explosion. We found so many sources calling this time the “golden age of podcasts” that we couldn’t attribute it to just one person. We need to explore this new media, this new art form. We need to consider what it means to truly listen during a time when it seems no one is listening. And we need to do that by talking with a few experts, which is just what we do on this episode of Media Inside Out.

This episode aired on November 11, 2019

Guests included:

Sam Cohn, Director of podcasting at WHIP radio

Jack Klotz, Director of Audio and Music Business, Temple University