Episode 46: How To Make Sense of the News

Feb 3, 2020

Every day news happens. It might be a local school closing due to a fire. Or war breaking out on the other side of the world. Or the opening of the latest installment of your favorite superhero movie. It’s all news. How do you find out about the news that’s important to you? To your life as an employee or student, as a parent, as a citizen? The decline of newspapers, the actual physical kind, has led some to make assumptions about how much news people want, or are willing to read. But is that true? We sometimes feel bombarded with news. Links to articles from different news sources flood our social media feed. We can’t read them all! So how are our choices influencing our understanding of the world around us? On this episode of Media Inside Out, we explore how we make sense of the news and what it means to be an informed citizen in today’s information-overflowing digital world.

This episode aired on February 3, 2020




Washington teaches courses in investigative reporting, journalism law and multimedia reporting and news writing at Temple University.






Pat Loeb is the City Hall bureau chief for KYW newsradio, Philadelphia’s pre-eminent all news station.