Ep. 48: The Influence of Streaming Services

Sep 18, 2020


For many, Netflix has become the preferred place for watching television. But is it television? Netflix and a small number of other companies such as Amazon, Apple and Hulu are a combination tech company and media company creating powerhouse global media companies with unprecedented reach, access and services. They influence not just what type of entertainment we watch, but what type of information we learn and from whom we learn it. These companies are spending more to create original content than any network, broadcast or cable, ever has. This massive growth in original contents opens up tremendous opportunities for independent producers and minority voices, but it also centers the decision-making on a small number of gatekeepers who determine what stories are shared, and which are kept hidden. What is the impact of this globalization? How is culture affected when everyone across the globe can watch (and sometimes is watching) the same content? On this episode of Media Inside Out we’ll explore the influence of global streaming services.


Wazhmah Osman, Professor in the Department of Media Studies & Production at Temple University. Philadelphia, PA USA. Click here for Wazhmah’s Twitter

Piyush Sharma, global CEO, board member, and C-Suite advisor. Gurgaon, India. Click here for Piyush’s LinkedIn and Twitter