Media Education: Sociology Surveys

Nov 5, 2020

The Media Education: Sociology Surveys written by Alexander Fedorov (in 2015) outlines the main goals of media education and demonstrates how the development of mass communication has altered personalities within society. Within these surveys, Fedorov indicates how media literacy helps a person to actively use the resources of the information field of TV, radio, video, cinema, press, Internet. See below for an abstract of the article.

“There are quite a few differences in theoretical approaches to media education, to distinguishing of the most important aims, objectives, means of introduction into the teaching process, etc. These are the reasons why we addressed to the leading Russian and foreign media educators asking them to answer the special survey aimed at the clearing up of the following questions:

which of the well known definitions of media education and media literacy are supported the most among the experts; what media education aims and theories seem as the most important; how these theories and purposes correspond to the modern socio-cultural context of different countries; what way of the integration of the media education into schools and universities, supplementary educational and recreational institutions is seen as the most preferable; in what countries at the present time the level of the development of media education is the highest?”