Ep. 51 – Seniors Online

Jan 7, 2021

Aired live on Monday, February 8th, from 12:00pm to 12:30pm on TUTV.

Episode Description:

If you’re a person in your 20’s, or even your 40’s you likely take for granted your ease with conducting your life online. You pay bills online. Facetime with friends. Stream new music and movies. But the apps and websites you use won’t be around forever. In the future, you’ll have to learn all new digital methods. In fact, it’s likely a new technology will be invented, one you cannot even imagine now, and you’ll have to learn that. Well, consider that’s the situation that some senior citizens are in today. Through their 20’s and 40’s they adapted to television and cable and the start of the internet, but how are they faring with social media, video games, and photoshop? During the height of the pandemic, many seniors found themselves isolated from friends and family without the skills to jump on Zoom or set up a Netflix watch party. On today’s episode of MIO we’ll explore the current situation for senior citizens online.








Tobey Dichter, founder and CEO of Generations on Line, a national nonprofit dedicated to simplifying the Internet for seniors.

Loretta Geller, active online ‘digital diva’ and senior citizen.