Ep. 53 – The Truth About Digital Influencers

Apr 12, 2021

The latest episode of Media Inside Out premiered on TUTV on April 12 at 12PM. Watch it here!

Episode Description:

Do you have fantasies about sharing your favorite restaurant with thousands, or millions of followers? There are influencers about dog care. Influencers about makeup. Influencers about tennis. Influencers for just about everything. There’s a whole sub-culture focused on what it means to be an influencer and do it well. And of course, make money doing it. What draws us, as audiences, to follow these “influencers” and make them part of our lives? How does that relationship affect our real life relationships and expectations? On today’s episode of Media Inside Out we will talk to two budding influencers. They are at different stages in their career but both aspire to have millions of people follow their every word. Let’s go inside!


Kenedi Chapman: Kenedi has always been passionate about skincare and beauty. Then In late 2019 she decided to start a skincare account on social media. Since then Kenedi has worked with over 200 brands/companies making various branded content for them. Recently Kenedi has been diving into the product photography world and hopes to explore it more in her work.

Jack Nvotony: Jack Nvotony, a temple alum, got his start in influencing on tiktok. Since gaining a following on TikTok jack has dived into the world of influencing,  making content for various platforms like youtube and instagram. Now, Jack attends the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and hopes to dive more into the world of fashion and influencing.