Positioning Media and Information Literacy on the International Development Agenda in the Post-Pandemic World

Oct 13, 2021

This session will initiate a dialogue on the development of an international multi-stakeholder framework for private/digital platforms to promote media and information literacy.  We aim to demonstrate how multi-stakeholder cooperation can work with private sector organizations, including digital communication companies, and other stakeholder groups.

The global pandemic created for many a state of general isolation and underscored the unprecedented necessity of the digital sphere, including social networks, and the internet.  Social and economic implications reflect the growing phenomenon of a disinfodemic by either a lack of access to information, or a lack of media and information literacy competencies to critically evaluate information.  There is a ripe opportunity to stimulate multi-stakeholder cooperation for media and information literacy in digital spaces as a means to bolster inclusive internet governance.

Our expert panelists today will help us frame this topic and share their considerations for implementation, sharing the challenges and successes they have experienced in their own region and their work.  We approach this topic with the belief that ensuring media and information literacy for all requires a multi-stakeholder approach.


Let’s meet our panel of experts.  


  • Ms Sherri Hope Culver, Director, Center for Media and Information Literacy, United States of America
  • Ms Claire Deevey, Director of Public Policy, WhatsApp, Singapore
  • Ms Kristina Arriaga, Trustee, Facebook Oversight Board, United States of America
  • Ms Stephanie Comey, Vice-Chairperson, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities, Ireland
  • Ms Patrice Ettinger, Chair, International Assossciation for Privacy Professionals and Chief Privacy Officer, Pfizer, United States of America
  • Mr Alexandre Le Voci Sayad, CEO of ZeitGeist and Co-Chair of International Steering Commitee of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance, Brazil
  • Mr José Manuel Perez Tornero, President, Spanish Radio and Television Corporation, Spain
  • Ms Mradulah Singh, Trainer Cyber Safety and Digital Media Skills, Nexschools, India