The 2022 Children’s Media Industry in Los Angeles

Nov 10, 2021

The course “The Children’s Media Industry: Trends and Opportunities” was held in Los Angeles for two weeks in May 2022. This 3-credit course was taught by professor Sherri Hope Culver and offered students the opportunity to meet with producers, writers, media executives and others working in the field of children’s media.

Companies represented included:




Common Sense Networks / Sensical

Netflix Kids

The Jim Henson Company

Gaumont Animation

Select Management Co.

General information:

This program gives students an opportunity to learn about the global, multi-billion-dollar kids entertainment industry growing on the West Coast. In addition to the legacy children’s media brands of Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network, major digital and social media companies including Netflix, Amazon and YouTube have invested heavily in creating content for kids.

Studies show children spend more than eight hours a day with media, including television, video games, apps, movies and music. This program explores the identities of the people and the companies creating this content. Students will also examine the kinds of effects media has on children, social development, their learning and their sense of identity. How does the media industry balance its desire to entertain and educate children with its need for revenue?

Students will get a close look at the industry by examining articles and scholarship on the topic and through on-site experiences at companies creating the content and meetings with the executives deciding the future of children’s media.

This program features visits to numerous children’s media companies.

  • Student Life: Students will stay in a hostel, hotel or student dorm accommodation for the duration of the program.
  • Program is open to undergraduates and graduate students.