Ep. 56 – Exploring the Culture of Gen-Z Media

Nov 15, 2021

Episode 56 of Media Inside Out “Exploring the Culture of Gen Z” premiered on TUTV on November 8, 2021. Watch it here!

Episode Description:

Whatever your media consumption habits, we could probably all agree that age often affects our choices. Television shows and music and movies and video games that teenagers and young adults are consuming are different than those of people in their 30s or 40s or 70s or 80s. Not surprising. But what might be surprising is that it is often the media habits of those teens and young adults—now referred to as Gen Z—that set the trends. Media habits of GenZ often slowly make their way to the media the rest of us consume. Whether from celebrities or popular TikTokers or special effects in video games. On this episode of Media Inside Out we will explore the culture of GenZ media. Let’s go inside.


Baker McNamara: Baker McNamara is a Senior Media Studies and Production major at Temple University, where he works at the head of the music department at WHIP Radio and Co-Executive Producer/Co-host of Temple Talk.

Kiki Onigbogi: Kiki Onigbogi is a Senior at Central High School who has a dual enrollment as a freshman at Temple University.