Ep. 62- UK Trends in Children’s Media

Dec 14, 2022

This episode was recorded in Manchester, England at the University of Salford.

Every month it seems there is another report telling us how many hours of video games children play, or how many hours of TikTok they’re scrolling through, or television they’re watching. But those statistics barely scratch the surface of helping us to understand the media content available to children today. It’s massive. And growing. And changing. In 2020, TikTok surpassed YouTube as the #1 destination for kids ages 4-18. But you probably know a child who still loves watching their favorite TV shows on Nickelodeon (maybe online) or even PBS. Today, Media Inside Out explores trends in children’s media with two experts from the UK. We are in Manchester, England and both guests develop and create content for kids. How are these changes affecting what gets produced? What’s the good news? And where are their concerns. We’ll talk about trends in the industry, the role of educational media, and how long before kids take over the metaverse. Let’s go inside.


Andrew Tomlinson, Head of Content and Commissioning at the BBC for Bitesize, BBC Food, and BBC Children’s and Education.

Jon Hancock, managing director at Three Arrows Media, award winning producers of kids & family factual and educational content.