Ep. 64-The Growth of Latin Media

Feb 24, 2023

This episode originally aired on February 27, 2023

Over the past few years, there have been quite a few news stories about the need for greater diversity and a wider range of representation in the media. Sometimes the information is shown in relation to census data, which clearly shows that the percentage of people of color in the United States has grown tremendously over the past 10 years. You may have even heard the term “majority minority” referring to an estimate that soon the majority of the country will be composed of people who identify as a racial or ethnic minority. That reality is not however what we typically see on television. Up until recently, lead actors, storylines, and languages spoken, generally still portray a white English-speaking society. But the balance is shifting. Latinos are growing in representation in the media. On today’s episode of Media Inside Out, we explore specifically the growth and influence of Latin culture and the Spanish language in popular media. 

Our Guests

Luisa Suarez
Editorial Associate, Resolve Philly

Luisa Suarez is a Spanish Editorial Associate at Resolve Philly, where she runs the Equally Informed Philly text line.  She holds a B.A in journalism and political science from Temple University where she spent her time running a Latinx student organization and was part of Latinx productions. Link to Resolve Philly: https://resolvephilly.org

Gilberto Gonzales 
Admissions, Community College of Philadelphia
Host of Entre Nosotros on CCPTV Comcast53 – Fios21

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gonzalez has a long history of activism and is committed to making a positive, measurable difference for the people who live in the city he loves. In 2022, he was a candidate for Representative in Congress. Mr. Gonzalez is an award-winning artist, film maker and his book Three Rings was a runner-up in the New York Book Festival. Gil’s show Entre Nosotos airs every day at 9am and 6pm on YouTube and Apple TV. He is host of the radio show Pulso Comunitario on La Rumba (IHeartMedia) 106.1 airing every Sunday at 7am then on iHeart Medias Podcast. He has written Op-eds for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Sunday Sun and the Philadelphia Tribune. He is a TEDx presenter and has been featured in many news media outlets covering issues such as the Opioid Crisis, gentrification and housing.  Link to Entre Nosotros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68N4Jujy1Xc&list=PLFpeJmmJA1P94dan8ED-iGvIHkkuWKgYo&index=1

Featured illustration courtesy of Evan Solano for the Los Angeles Times