Ep 65- Teens Making Media

Mar 27, 2023

This episode originally aired on March 27, 2023

If you watch this show with any frequency—and I hope you do—you know that the essence of the show is all about media literacy. The show is called Media Inside Out because we like to peel away the outer layer of the television shows and video games and apps and all the media we consume, and get to the inside; look at the media with a more discerning eye. But a super important aspect of being media literate is creating, not just consuming. Understanding not just how to evaluate a show or critically analyze the impact of all those TikTok videos you’re watching, but to feel the influence in your hands, your head, your heart when you’re the one making the decisions. When you make choices as a media maker, you gain insight into how other media makers think about their work. So, on today’s episode of Media Inside Out we’re going to explore the value and the process of teens making media.

Guests Lisa Wilk, Brianna Spause, and Damien Angelo Williams with host Sherri Hope Culver

Our Guests

Lisa Wilk | Director of School Partnerships at WHYY

Brianna Spause | Youth Employment Supervisor at WHYY

Damien Angelo Williams | Temple University Student & WHYY Youth Media Program Graduate


To learn more about WHYY’s Youth Employment Program visit here: https://whyy.org/pathways-to-media-careers-youth-employment-project/

To learn more about WHYY’s Youth Media Lab program visit here: https://whyy.org/education/whyy-media-labs-program/