Ep 67- The Influence of Media on Youth Political Beliefs 

Oct 16, 2023

This episode aired on October 16, 2023.

It’s fairly easy to get people riled up about politics lately. Who supports who. Who votes. Who doesn’t. Who is willing to fight, and for what cause. Who is willing to compromise. If anyone. Perhaps you believe, as many do, that we are living in a time in which our news and information is more polarizing than ever before. We have social media influencers posting TikToks about their favorite candidates. News comedy shows editing persuasive videos intending to make us laugh—and then take action. Memes we can share instantly. And mis and disinformation coming from deep fakes and A.I. generated images. Since young people are the biggest consumers of this digital information, how are they being influenced by it? What’s the connection between social media, news and the youth vote? There are massive differences in the way we now get informed about news and politics. On today’s episode of Media Inside Out, we will explore the influence of media on youth political beliefs. Let’s go inside.  


Angelique Hinton

Angelique Hinton is a political and community organizer and advocate for a new generation of voters. She co-founded PA Youth Vote to educate young people ages 18 to 24 on the vital issues affecting their everyday lives to ensure they show up to the polls and choose their elected leaders wisely. As a political and community organizer, she has created winning outreach and voter and volunteer mobilization programs for My School Votes, an initiative of Michelle Obama’s nonpartisan nonprofit organization, When We All Vote, as well as statewide elected officials.

Cecilia Schleinitz

Cecilia Schleinitz is a sophomore at Temple University pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Economics. She is currently an executive member of the Temple Economics Society, and also participates in Political Science Society and Temple Democrats.