Ep 68 – Behind the Scenes of a Children’s Show.

Nov 12, 2023

This episode aired on November 13, 12:00 PM.

Take a moment to remember a television show you watched as a kid. Remember how you couldn’t wait to see it? To sing your favorite theme song or see your favorite character? Maybe you were lucky enough to have a plush toy version of that character to cuddle with at night. The truth is, those television shows that we watched when we’re kids have a lot of impact. They become nostalgic touchstones for the rest of our lives.  And when we have kids of our own, we can’t wait to share those special shows with them. Whether the show is educational or simply entertaining, these shows are filled with themes about growing up, making friends, and discovering new things about the world around us. That’s why our guests and our topic on today’s episode of Media Inside Out are so special. We’re going to go behind the scenes of a new children’s show. It’s filled with wacky characters and silly puppets and animated features. And it’s all from the minds of our three guests. Let’s go inside! 


Kevin J. Kelly, Jr: Co-Director

Kevin J. Kelly, Jr, is a freelance writer, producer, designer, performer, and puppeteer for film, advertising and theater since 2010. Kevin studied privately under Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Fierlinger from 2011- 2013, was a contributing writer & puppeteer for Stan Lee’s Media Company POW! from 2012-2013, and was an “Artist In Residence” at Monkey Boys Productions until 2020.

Caitlin Corkery: Series Creator

Caitlin Corkery is the Senior Manager of Series Production and the Philadelphia PBS affiliate, WHYY, where she oversaw the creation of two original children’s programs, Albie’s Elevator and The Infinite Art Hunt. Previously, she was the lead producer on the local restaurant review show Check, Please! Philly and developed WHYY’s first digital series, Delishtory. She wrote for the local theater company Tribe of Fools including the 2018 Barrymore-nominated Fishtown and hosts the local storytelling event, The Moth in Philadelphia. 

Paul Triggiani: Co-Director

Paul Triggiani is a writer, producer, and director for film, advertising and theater since 2006. Paul’s work has been featured on MTV, FuseTV, SyFy, Comedy Central, Amazon Prime, and in festivals and cons across North America.