Ep 70 – Youth Perspectives

Feb 26, 2024

This episode aired on February 26th, 2024 at 12pm.

On this show we’ve talked about how media affects children and youth on just about every episode. We’ve had experts speak about concerns regarding video games or social media or the influence of media on kid’s lives. But who knows the answers to those questions better than youth themselves. On this episode of Media Inside Out, five high school students joined us to share what they think about media in their lives. They told us about their favorite social media, apps, and video games. We discussed how media enriches their lives, and how it complicates their lives or concerns them. Together, we explored what it means to live a media rich life today as a young person. Let’s go inside!


Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School Students

Kameron (Kam)



Coretta (CoCo)