Ep 71 – Influencer Marketing and Its Effect on Consumption

Mar 20, 2024

This episode aired March 25th, 2024 at 12pm

When people watch traditional television, they’re always subjected to commercials, and they frequently do everything they can to skip past them. But not everyone, because there’s another scenario. Millions of people are watching commercials online. Not traditional commercials: but they’re watching individuals sell items. And they consider it entertaining and enjoyable. They’re watching influencers; people who share their detailed evaluation of products and try to convince you and me to buy them. What’s the difference? Why do we find ourselves attracted to the online influencers, but choose to skip the commercials? On this episode of Media Inside Out we’ll explore how that method of promotion and marketing is changing our consumption habits. Let’s go inside.


Diavion Lowman

Diavion Lowman (she/her) is a Philadelphia native and current student at West Chester University studying media and culture. In her spare time, she posts fashion content on her Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. She identifies as a “plus size color content creator.” Diavion finds joy in making others happy with her colorful content.