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Episode 9: Children’s Media Conference

On this episode of Media Inside Out, Professor Sherri Hope Culver covers the Children’s Media Conference, which brings together delegates from TV, interactive media, games, licensing, toys, radio, book and magazine publishing, and the arts and culture sector to share ideas, best practices and inspiration on how to make better media content for kids. While at the conference Professor Culver speaks to professionals to gain insight into the industry and hear their hopes for what it can become in the future. She also asks them what advice they would have for students interested in getting into the field themselves.


Sonia Copeland Bloom, creator of children’s series “Bugglebury”,




Biren Ghose, Country Head for Technicolor India,


Tony Collingwood, award-winning children’s media creator,







Gary Pope, founding partner of Kid Industries,

PhotoGary-Pope.larger image

Greg Childs. Director of the Children’s Media Foundation,


Not pictured: Patrick Whelan, Temple University student and conference attendee