Episode 19: Representations of the “Other”

Feb 17, 2016

In the world today, media plays an enormous role in constructing our view of what is “normal” or “typical”. What we read, see on the news, or hear on the radio is incorporated into our lives, unknowingly. With stories today covering race and ethnicity disputes in our society, it has shaped our entire view of who people really are. What do we associate now when we think of cops or muslims?  These images and assumptions can promote or hinder our view of cultural diversity and our view of who IS the “other”. Framing our expectations and shaping our beliefs media suggests to us, with repeated exposure, who should be doing what, and who shouldn’t be. On this episode we discuss how the messages media keep on replay, shift our views and ideas.



Jacob Bender, Executive Director, CAIR-Pennsylvania Philadelphia Chapter


Jacob Bender