Ep. 49: “The Influence of News Coverage in an Election”

Oct 12, 2020


How do you decide who to vote for in an election? You probably have a shortlist of people you consult with, but chances are most of the information that helps you decide comes from media. Radio talk shows. Articles shared on social media. Tweets from influencers or news organizations. Television talk shows. More television talk shows. More television talk shows. And that’s before we’ve included the nonstop campaign advertising and commercials.

In a presidential election year like the one we’re in now, it can seem as if everywhere we turn all news and information is focused on elements of the election. Nonstop. From candidate’s actual positions on the issues, to what they ate for breakfast. Perhaps you feel you’re not influenced by all of this information. But is that even possible? In this episode of Media Inside Out we explore the influence of news media coverage on elections. Tune in to see Sherri Hope Culver and her guests discuss these topics on Media Inside Out!

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Steve Butler, Broadcaster, Researcher, Consultant

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Robin Kolodny, Political Science Professor, Temple University

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