Ep. 55 – A New Reality: Trends in Virtual Communication

Sep 24, 2021


Episode 55 of Media Inside Out on “A New Reality: Trends in Virtual Communications” premiered on TUTV on October 4, 2021. Watch it here!

Episode Description:

Imagine you stand in front of the group and do your speech, mess up, forget your words, try again, get it right, and the audience would never know. Or you could practice being immersed in a group of people speaking the language of this unfamiliar country and work on your language skills in real time. Or what if you could just play a game like Whack A Mole in the middle of a field where it looked like the moles were popping up out of the ground? You can actually do all of these things through virtual reality and augmented reality. Perhaps you’ve heard these terms associated with video games. But these tools are being used in healthcare, transit, social justice, and, yes, entertainment. On this episode episode of Media Inside Out we’ll deepen our understanding of these exciting new technical tools and how they are being used.


Dr. H Branch Coslett: Dr. Coslett is a professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he acts as the executive vice chair of the neurology department. In this position, Dr Coslett runs a Neurology lab that uses virutal reality to examine how it can affect the user’s perception and stimuli. Among the simulations in the lab are learning empathy and dealing with phantom limb pain.

Paige Gross: Paige Gross is the lead reporter for Technical.ly Philly. There, she reports on the newest technological news throughout Philadelphia, including augmented and virtual reality. Prior to this position, Paige spent years as a reporter for breaking news and crime.