Our projects – 2021

Dec 26, 2021

Fall 2021 Newsletter
We are excited to share with you a few of the projects
and programs that have been keeping us busy.

The 31st annual Global Media and Information Literacy Week was held on October 24 – October 31. The event brought together international leaders to discuss strategies for bringing MIL issues to a broader community and how to best advance the work over the next decade.The CMIL participated in several events listed here

International efforts of media and information literacy are the focus of the UNESCO MIL Alliance in which Sherri serves as vice chair of its International Steering Committee (ISC). Get to know the ISC through its recently released booklet sharing background on the ISC and mission. The ISC looks forward to new events and projects coming soon.

The International Expert Conference in Media and Information Literacy was held on November 29 – 30. The conference invited experts and academics with varying experiences and backgrounds to share their research and best practices. The conference was hosted by the Moulay Ismail University of Meknes in the Kingdom of Morrocco, in collaboration with UNESCO. The CMIL was a partner of the conference and was represented in multiple sessions. 

For Children and Screens we moderated a webinar titled “The Influencer’s Impact“. The panel featured distinguished experts discussing the motivations and implications of the kidfluencer and influencer age, and how to help children thoughtfully and carefully navigate the world of young social media stars.

The Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative(PYMC) is a collective of youth media organizations seeking to support youth while educating about media literacy. The organizations work with children and youth to build self-expression, creative skills, production skills and critical thinking about the media they consume. The CMIL is part of the advisory team and manages the PYMC website.

We produced several new episodes of the long-running television series, Media Inside Out. Episodes focused on “The Power of Algorithms”, “Trends in Virtual Communications” and “Exploring Gen-Z Culture”. More details may be found later in this newsletter.

Students will get a career-expanding introduction to the children’s media industry in Los Angeles during the upcoming Klein GO course, “The Children’s Media Industry: Trends and Opportunities“. Apply today to join Sherri for this three-credit summer course. 

PhillyCam honored the 20th anniversary of the documentary series Philadelphia Stories. This series, which premiered in 2001, detailed the rich cultural history of the city through the eyes of community storytellers and filmmakers. Hebert Peck served as producer of the series, and Sherri served as the executive producer during her tenure as general manager of Independence Public Media.

Episode 54: The Power of Algorithms 
Guests: Micheal Kearns, UPENN’s chair of computer science, and Dr. Judith Donath, former director at MIT’s Media Lab, share their knowledge on the technology behind algorithms.

 Episode 55: A New Reality – Trends in Virtual Communication
Guests: Dr. H Branch Cosett, UPENN Neurology professor and operator of a VR lab, and Paige Gross, head technical reporter
of Technical.ly Philly, share their expertise on the
future of augumented reality. 

 Episode 56: Exploring the Culture of Gen-Z Media
Guests: Kiki Onigbogi, a dual Central High School senior and Temple freshman, and Baker McNamara, a Temple University
Media Studies and Production senior, discuss their experiences
with the culture of Gen-Z media.

  What to Watch Over The Holidays
Succession(HBO)The hit HBO show about the in-fighting of the wealthy and powerful Roy family has entered its third season. A key theme of the show is the influence of media and its manipulative nature as the family makes their wealth from a media empire.

The Matrix Resurrections(Theaters + HBO Max)The revolutionary science-fiction series returns with its newest entry after almost two decades. Neo once again must awaken his mind to see the truth and navigate through a digitalized world that updates the Matrix mythology with modern technology and media.

Arcane(Netflix) Innovatively blending together hand-drawn and CGI animation, this new Netflix show is a steampunk, fantasy-science fiction tale that focuses on two sisters on opposing sides of a civil war. The series highlights the disparity between two civilizations, including their differences in their technology.

Sherri Hope Culver – Director and Associate Professor
Daniel Kilderry – Student Worker

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