Global Media and Information Week

Oct 29, 2021

Media Literacy is a pivotal issue that addresses important questions in this highly digitalized field of communication. It provides the basis for understanding critical thought of media, enhancing the access to information and ensuring an intercultural framework that shares a higher standard for education. As part of Global Media and Information Week, Sherri Hope Culver participated in several events throughout the week. These panels and activities presented different Media Literacy policies from around the globe and highlighted ideas to bring them to the forefront.

The Role of Play (webinar)

Moderated by Sherri Hope Culver, this webinar spoke about ways to incorporate play and critical thinking into children’s media. This fun and interactive demonstration included the chance to win a free LEGO Fender Starocaster, and participants were encouraged to play along with their own LEGO’s. Held on October 26th, this event included guests such as Jorge Arguirre (Head Writer for Alma’s Way) and Sarah Jacobstein (Sr. Manager for Government Affairs at the LEGO Group).

Positioning Media and Information Literacy on the International Development Agenda in the Post-Pandemic World (webinar)

The promotion of media and information literacy in digital spaces has become urgent, especially in the post-pandemic world. The current health crisis has created a state of general isolation. Social and economic implications have arisen giving the growing phenomenon of disinfodemic by either a lack of access to information or media and information literacy competencies to critically evaluate information. This session, held on October 26th, seeked to educate on the framework of private/digital platforms in promotion of media literacy.

Media and Information Literacy: An Enabler for Media Viability and Digital Platforms Transparency (webinar)

Hosted by UNESCO and moderated by Sherri Hope Culver, this webinar featured conference initiated a dialogue on the development of an international multi-stakeholder framework for private/digital platforms to promote media and information literacy, as well as cooperation with private digital communication organizations to achieve this. Panelists included Alexandre Sayad the Director of Educamédia Programme, Mradulah Singh the Founder of Nexschools, Alison Preston the Co-Director of Ofcom and Stephanie Comey, Vice-President of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities.

Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good (webinar)

This global panel, headed by Digital Communications Network Global, opened a discussion to present MIL initiatives from across the world. International guests shared their ideas and unique expertise in bringing about innovative practices to further media literacy progress. Held on October 27th, guests for this event included guests from Morroco, Spain, Greece, Uganda, Romania, Armenia, and Sherri Hope Culver represented America’s role.

UNESCO University Collaborative (webinar)

An open meeting between members of UNITWIN-MILID, a UNESCO university collaborative for intercultural dialogue about media information and literacy was held on October 28th.  Various members of the collaborative shared their work, projects and knowledge to help ensure the international and national development of their shared goals. The CMIL at Temple University is a member of this organization and shared its own progress.

Mapping Impactful Media Literacy (webinar)

A research initiative was created by NAMLE, in partnership with Facebook, that assessed the current state of media literacy education on an international level. In the United States, this became the Mapping Impactful Literacy Project which explored the impact of media literacy and developed a field guide for educators. On October 28th, the final report was released and the research team held a conversation about their findings. Sherri Hope Culver served as the project manager for this NAMLE global research project.

Philadelphia Stories (webinar)

First aired in 2001 for over eight seasons, Philadelphia Stories detailed the rich cultural history of the city through the eyes of community storytellers and filmmakers. It strived to make Philadelphia a viable home for media and was a launching pad to local filmmakers. Held on October 28th, this 20 year anniversary special looked back on the series and will play selected episodes starting every Thursday to allow new audiences to experience the city’s evolution. Sherri Hope Culver served as the executive producer of Philadelphia Stories and general manger of Indepdence Public Media during its time on air.

Get to know the UNESCO Global MIL Alliance International Steering Committee!

The International Steering Committee (ISC) of UNESCO’s Global MIL Alliance has released a booklet sharing information about the elected leadership and mission. The ISC serve as advisors to UNESCO regarding MIL activities. Sherri Hope Culver currently serves as vice-chair for the ISC.