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Current projects:

  1. Digital Amazons Media Literacy Workshops in Nigeria: The CMIL is partnering with the Street Project Foundation (Nigeria) for their Digital Amazons project. Digital Amazons is a three-week capacity building program for female creatives aged 18-25 years old gifted in different areas of the Creative Arts. The goal is to expose participants to 21st century digital skills that will prepare them for the world of work in advertising and the creative industries. Sherri Hope Culver, CMIL Director, will be providing media literacy workshops for each of the four cohort groups throughout 2019.
  2. 2nd Annual Children’s Media Career Symposium: In April 2018, the CMIL hosted the first ever Children’s Media Career Symposium for students at Temple University and the surrounding community. Two panels of children’s media professionals discussed trends in children’s media and career opportunities within the industry, while sharing real-world experiences and advice with attendees. The event was very successful and the CMIL is planning the 2nd annual event for spring 2019. 
  3. Thoman Media Literacy Archives acquired by Temple University: The CMIL is excited to be working with Paley Library at Temple University on the acquisition and digitization of the Elizabeth Thoman Media Literacy Archives. Thoman was the founder of the Center for Media Literacy. The archives include years worth of documentation on the Center for Media Literacy and Thoman’s other writings. In the future, the university will house the archives of the National Association for Media Literacy Education and other media literacy organizations
  4. UNESCO Global Chair in Media and Information LiteracySherri Hope Culver is participating in the UNESCO university collaborative known as UNITWIN (university twining and networking program) for media and information literacy and intercultural dialogue (MILID). In this role, she collaborates with other media literacy scholars globally on a variety of projects, including an annual MILID Yearbook, annual conference, global research studies and international speaking
  5.  Research study on privacy in MIL Education EnvironmentsSherri Hope Culver served as principal investigator for a research study detailing how privacy-related topics are taught in media literacy environments. The research study was completed with partners from the UNESCO-UNAOC university collaborative and funded through a UNESCO grant. The research will be published as a book in the UNESCO series on Internet Freedom, titled Survey on Privacy in Media and Information Literacy, with Youth Perspectives.
  6. Media Inside Out: This television series explores the media we love to watch, listen to, read and play with an analytical and critical approach. Topics have included a discussion of diversity in commercials; the influence of news editing; and the shift in audience role from consumer to author.  Media Inside Out approaches media with an appreciation for its potential as entertainment, and even as an educational tool, but balances that with an understanding of its impact and influence. Each episode digs deep into a specific media theme or media property. The series is produced and hosted by Sherri Hope Culver, associate professor and director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy. Program segments and information are conveyed in an entertaining, playful manner.  The show explores, reveals, clarifies, and ultimately helps the audience appreciate the power of the media in their lives and their relationship with that media. Media Inside Out promotes creative and intellectual dialogue while encouraging viewers to analyze their own media habits.

Completed projects:

  1. 1st Annual Children’s Media Career Symposium: In early April, the CMIL hosted a Children’s Media Career Symposium for students at Temple University and the surrounding community, featuring two panels of children’s media professionals with discussions surrounding trends in children’s media and career opportunities within the industry. Speakers revealed real-world experiences and gave advice to students looking to pursue a path within the field. 
  2. Global Privacy and MIL Report Released! “Survey on Media and Information Literacy with Youth Perspectives” co-authored by CMIL Director, Sherri Hope Culver and Alton Grizzle, Program Specialist for Media and Information Literacy, UNESCO. This publication is part of the UNESCO book series on Internet freedom.
  3. New Media Technology Charter School (NMTCS)CMIL worked with the school to create a integrated media literacy curriculum.
  4. K-CAPA High School Media Literacy Program: A program to help undergraduate students gain teaching and media literacy skills that they can apply in media and documentary classes.  
  5. New Media Technology Charter teaching “circle”: Project Manager David Cooper Moore meets weekly with a small group of teachers for an intensive, eight-week session including brainstorming, coaching and lesson-planning focused on media and information literacy and focused on the specific and ongoing needs of the participating teachers
  6. Visiting Fellow:  During 2013 the CMIL is hosting a visiting fellow from Korea, Sojin An. Sojin is an accomplished director with EBS (the Korean Educational Broadcasting Service) and media literacy advocate. She is exploring issues relating to children in Media.
  7. Annual meeting 2013: “Meet the Sproutlets”
    Each year the CMIL holds an annual event to introduce students and the community to key players in the children’s media community. This year we met executives from the children’s cable network, SPROUT, including executives from programming, marketing and product. After the presentations, the students, guests and speakers had an opportunity to network and learn more about the field.
  8. International Children’s Media presentation
    During this presentation visiting fellow Sojin An screened two of her films, one of which was nominated for an international children’s Emmy award. the screening was followed by a presentation about Korean children’s programming.
  9. Annual meeting 2012:  “Children and Digital Media: Trends, Challenges, and Inspiration”
    For this annual event students and guests were treated to inspiring presentations from Erica Branch Ridley (Sesame Workshop) and Makeda Mays Green (Nickelodeon) about their work in children’s media and the future of the field. The event was also an opportunity for students to meet leaders in children’s media and learn about their career path.
  10. Hunger Games Symposium:
    This event was a co-production from the CMIL and the Center for Media and Destiny.  Scholars and authors provided insights into the power of the Hunger Games brand on the heels of the release of the first film. CMIL Director Sherri Hope Culver presentation was titled, “Searching for Reality in a Fictional World: How The Hunger Games Plays on Our Enjoyment of and Knowledge of Reality TV”.
  11. My Pop Studio:  Members of CMIL were part of the team that developed My Pop Studio, an online interactive game designed to teach media literacy skills to preteen girls. The website integrates games, blogs, and user-generated content with development in critical thinking.
  12. Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative (PYMC): CMIL is a founding partner of the PYMC. The Collaborative brings together the myriad of organizations in the Philadelphia region working in youth media in the areas of production, professional development, and education to build and enhance the youth media community and distribution of their creative projects.