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On this episode of Media Inside Out, our discussion will highlight the current state of the music industry, with a focus on gender equality and inequality both from the performance side and the management side of the field. We will also talk about how the music industry has changed– or not, including which improvements to equality have been most successful, examples of recent successes, and areas that still need attention and change.

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In recent years, celebrities have become increasingly vocal about their positions on various political topics. It’s a celebrity’s job to build believability with their audience and more celebrities are using that connected relationship to give their opinion on issues beyond why we should go see their latest movie. Though it’s okay for a celebrity to raise our interest or knowledge in a topic, it is up to us to do the real work of developing our own knowledge and opinion on the subject.  On this episode of Media Inside Out, we discuss the topic of celebrity culture and politics by exploring the slow crawl of showbiz into the political realm, the actors who run for elected office,  and the Hollywood creators shaping the messages.

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Video games have moved from being categorized as simply a recreational activity, to include a wide range of creative, often educational and often money-making media platform. Gamification, the term for this movement, has deep implications for learning, visual imagery, and commercialism, among other topics. You can see its influence in how educators are trying to engage students, how advertisers are trying to engage customers, and how governments are trying to engage citizens. On this episode of Media Inside Out we talked with three experts in the field and critically examine the benefits and concerns of this movement.

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The Center for Media and Information Literacy was established in 2011 at Temple University as a hub for research, outreach, education, and professional development on issues involving media literacy and information literacy locally, nationally, and internationally.  Our keywords are Explore, Innovate, Create, Share.   Our work is strategically aligned around three areas:

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Seeking proposals for articles to be published in the 2014 Yearbook on media and information literacy and intercultural dialogue. The Yearbook is a project of the UNESCO University Twining and Networking Programme (UNITWIN) and the UN Alliance of Civilizations. The focus of the paper must be on media and information literacy and intercultural dialogue and connect to the theme “Global Citizenship in a Digitally Networked World.”


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photoThis month’s episode of Media Inside Out tackles the topic of “The Audience as Author”. The episode will air on TUTV Wednesday, November 8 @ 12:30 PM, 8:30 PM and 4:30 AM Thursday, November 9. Guests Nuala Cabral (University Community Collaborative), Antoine Haywood (PhillyCam), Jennifer Nguyen (Her Campus),  Angela M. Cirucci (Ph.D. Student) and George Miller (Temple University) join host Sherri Hope Culver in this discussion about the audience shift from passive consumers of media to “authors” and creators of media.

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Media Inside Out - Still This episode of Media Inside Out discusses the impact of news editing with Executive Producer of Temple Update, Peter Jeroff, Producer of Temple Update and Temple Student, Isabel Garcia, Executive Producer NBC10 11pm News, Johnny Greene and host/producer Sherri Hope Culver.  The episode focuses on the power of editing; how it shapes the messages we see and the way we think about current events.

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More problems surface with L.A. Unified's iPad program

(Picture Courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

Sherri Hope Culver spoke Wednesday morning September 25th on KNX News Radio responding to the issues that have arisen after the distribution of iPads throughout school districts in Los Angeles. What was intended to be utilized for educational purposes has now become yet another method of internet browsing.  Over the past weekend students began “hacking” into their Facebook accounts and Pandora accounts; something the school had hoped their privacy settings would not allow. Sherri discussed with the hosts the realities  of putting media in the hands of students; a great idea, but one that requires ongoing media literacy training for the students and teachers.

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