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global_mil_week_2016_-_join_the_youth_poster_contestAn exciting gathering of educators, global leaders, policy makers, and organizations will take place in Sao Paolo, Brazil from November 2-5, 2016 for the Global MIL (Media & Information Literacy) Conference. The conference is part of Global MIL WEEK whose purpose is to promote MIL connections across educational institutions, organizations, policies, professions, initiatives and nations.

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mil-clicksMIL CLICKS is a social media movement led by the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO. The acronym CLICKS stands for Critical-thinking, Creativity, Literacy, Intercultural, Citizenship, Knowledge & Sustainability. The objectives of this social media strategy are to use social media to: 1) Train people to become more media and information literate and to 2) Raise awareness about the importance of media and information literacy.

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In response to the current political discourse and the growing urgency for active civic participation, The National Association for Media Literacy Education announced that its 2017 conference theme will be “Engaging Citizens, Building Community.” The conference will take place in Chicago, Illinois, from June 26-June 28, 2017, at Roosevelt University. It will officially kick-off with pre-conference events on Monday, June 26, and full sessions will commence starting on Tuesday, June 27 through Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
The mission for the 2017 NAMLE Conference is to explore the relationships between media literacy education, civic participation and community-building within our contemporary culture. “We are acutely aware that exploring the issues of civic engagement and community building have never been more important than within the information society we live in today. We are excited that our growing community of media literacy educators, researchers, and advocates will be tackling these important issues at the next conference”, says NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, whose conference planning responsibilities will be further supported by NAMLE’s Operations Coordinator, Alicia Haywood.
Tony Streit, NAMLE Board Member and Director of the YouthLearn Initiative at Education Development Center, Inc., serves as the 2017 Conference Chair. “In today’s society,” Streit shares, “the public’s participation in political processes and their use of media are increasingly interconnected. With the ongoing evolution of new media technologies, what it means to be an engaged citizen is also evolving and taking new shape. NAMLE’s Conference will make a critical contribution to understanding this evolution and how to educate citizens young and old.”
Program Chair Benjamin Thevenin, Assistant Professor of Media Arts at Brigham Young University, adds, ” More than ever before, media literacy is a core competency for engaged citizenship in participatory democracy.” Thevenin, who also serves on NAMLE’s Leadership Council and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Media Literacy Education, states, “Media have always played a significant part in politics, yet public perceptions of both politics and the role of the free press are at an all time low and in this most recent election cycle, discerning fact from fiction from outright lies is a 24/7 challenge.”
On behalf of Roosevelt University, Jiwon Yoon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Department of Communication, says, “The NAMLE conference has been the venue for me to learn from other scholars, educators, and activists as well as to meet with old and new friends. The conference also has been a source of inspiration for my teaching and research. I am so pleased that Roosevelt University is co- sponsoring the 2017 Chicago conference.” Local partners include Free Spirit Media, Loyola University Chicago School of CommunicationNews Literacy Project, and the Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at Erikson Institute.
NAMLE invites presentation and session proposals that address the conference theme of “Engaging Citizens, Building Community”. Potential areas of focus include (but are not limited to):
* Media, activism and social change
* Youth media
* Civic engagement
* News literacy
Potential proposal submissions will include individual presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and other innovative formats. Scholars, educators, media professionals, students, and activists interested in furthering media literacy education are encouraged to prepare a submission.
NAMLE will begin accepting proposals September 1, 2016.
The proposal deadline is January 4, 2017.
Visit for more information about the conference, as well as updates on the NAMLE community.
The National Association for Media Literacy Education is a national organization dedicated to media literacy as a basic life skill for the 21st century. The NAMLE vision is to help individuals of all ages develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression that they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today’s world. NAMLE Membership for individuals is FREE. For more information, check out (@medialiteracyed)

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mil2016_latvia_forum_bannerThe European Media & Information Literacy Forum was held in Riga, Latvia, June 27-29, 2016. Sherri Hope Culver was invited to speak on a panel titled, “MIL: A Privacy Shield” where she shared preliminary details from a research study conducted with UNESCO on the ways in which privacy is being treated in MIL curricula, educators approach to the topic, and training approaches globally.

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“The Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Yearbook 2015 (MILID Yearbook 2015), sponsored by UNESCO, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), New York, and NORDICOM, Gutenburg (Sweden) was released on 26 June 2015 at the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) Conference 2015 on the theme ‘Celebrating connectivity across cultures’, as well as the Global Media and Information Literacy Week Conference held at the Hotel Westin Philadelphia from 26-27 June 2015. The yearbook is a prestigious publication to showcase the work done in the year 2014-15 in the field of media and information literacy and intercultural dialogue worldwide. It contains 31 articles on a variety of themes relating to the MDGs and the SDGs, The yearbook has been edited by Dr. Jagtar Singh (Punjabi University,India), Alton Grizzle, (UNESCO, France), Sin Joan Yee, (University of South Pacific,Fiji), and Sherri Hope Culver, (Temple University, USA). This is the third edition of the yearbook. The first two editions were published in the years 2013, and 2014, respectively. The pdf copy of this yearbook can be downloaded from” or viewed directly here.

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Reliving childhood through different forms of media

A course in the media studies and production department discusses how different media outlets influence children.

by Tatyana Turner

“Media and Children,” a media studies and production course, allows college students to be kids again.

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Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

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PRESIDENT OBAMA’s domestic agenda, which he announced in his State of the Union address this month, has a lot to like: health care, maternity leave, affordable college. But there was one thing he got wrong. As part of his promise to educate American children for an increasingly competitive world, he vowed to “protect a free and open Internet” and “extend its reach to every classroom and every community…”

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International Media and Information Literacy Yearbook Published

By Sherri Hope Culver, director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University

The second annual yearbook on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) was published last month. The publication was announced at the MILID conference held in Beijing on September 27 and 28. The theme of the 2014 yearbook is “Global Citizenship in a Digital World” and includes 29 articles exploring programs and research in K12 education, higher education, and out-of-school programs across the globe. The first yearbook was published in 2013.

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